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Our Approach

Crafting Unforgettable Experiences

PULPO EXP is a minority owned full-service, creative, experiential marketing agency that facilitates the overall production of all thing’s events!  PULPO EXP is your one-stop shop for marketing executives who want to create live events for their brands that make lasting connections with their consumers.  We know you’re busy, let us help you do the work.  We thrive in being more than just a vendor, but a collaborative strategic partner to create impactful connections. An agency with a purpose.

Why PULPO?  Pulpo, which means Octopus in English, is a sea creature that quickly learns to adapt and strategizes to survive in any environment.  An Octopus is a master of camouflage, capable of instantly changing its color and skin texture to survive as well as maneuver its way into any size space by contorting its body and transforming itself.  In a constantly changing world, brands need to be able to change and adapt as well. At PULPO EXP we are continuously strategizing to personalize your brand story and create everlasting experiences through sight, sound, textures, tastes and smells.  We believe that brands are maintained by unforgettable experiences.  Let us be your catalyst to your creative outlast.

8 Tentacles of PULPO EXP

creative strategy

Creative Strategy

marketing strategy

Marketing Strategy

event production

Event Production

event logistics




event staffing, talent management


branding, trade shows


red carpet events, full event production and management agency

Pretty Much Everything

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